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Cyber Security & Intelligence

Protecting your company's proprietary information is money in the bank and by using IGSS's advanced cyber security and information gathering technology, you can be assured of a rapidly delivered quality product. In many cases investigative costs may be reduced by up to 75% by reducing billed man hours while at the same time increasing the efficiency and scalability of the investigative efforts. Due diligence, fraud detection, and background investigations all play critical parts in this cyber protection effort.

  • Cyber Intelligence

  • Data Management & Analytics

  • Cyber Security

  • Digital Voice Analysis​

  • Video & Social Analytics

  • IOT Security

Big Data Managment, Analysis & Modelling

Cyber information gathering is a near real time capability which greatly increases a company's decision making capabilities in a rapidly changing business environment.  IGSS's state of the art tools enable a security manager to gather , analyze and act on near real time information to enhance their business position.  We can supply information from remote networks, the World Wide Web, and social networking sites.

Critical Infrastructure Protection & Custom Security Solutions

IGSS's uses the same well proven and officially recognized analysis and assessment methodology as the US Government to answer: What is critical? Is it vulnerable? What can be done about it? From that analysis, we deliver a comprehensive plan from the ground up specific to each customer and their individual security needs.

  • Asset Protection

  • Travel Security

  • Maritime Security

  • Security Training

  • Nuclear Support Services

  • Threat Assessments​



IGSS's consultants are highly experienced professionals that come from diverse backgrounds to include combat experience with the most elite units of the U.S. military Special Operations command, Security Consulting for critical infrastructure, and the U.S. Nuclear Security sector.  IGSS's consultants have held executive management positions in the nuclear industry and are highly experienced with programs and processes at the site and corporate organizations.  Our subject matter experts have provided consulting services to the nuclear industry and held leadership positions with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission force-on-force (FOF) inspection program's composite adversary force (CAF).


This diversity of professional backgrounds, along with the resources available to IGSS provides the client with the most comprehensive skill set and experiences in the private security sector.  IGSS is able to provide "real-world" operational experiences to its clients.  These "experiences" can be used to develop or resolve any issue in a security program, whether it is supporting security or site management.  IGSS will provide candid analysis and feedback to its clients, as well as providing the appropriate recommendations necessary to support the needs of the client.  IGSS consultants are intimately experienced in developing and implementing programs deemed "best practices" by the industry or the government, as well as having the necessary experience for managing performance gaps of significant regulatory consequence.

Security programs are absolutely vital and critical to successful operation of the critical infrastructures and, in the case of the nuclear industry, deemed by United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) executives as the most "complex and complicated" of all of the programs they regulate.  IGSS's has the capabilities to provide the client with the confidence they need in maintaining their programs compliant to regulations, but more importantly, maintained to protect their most critical asset.

We encourage you to contact us so we can learn more about your objectives and share with you how our security services can benefit your organization.




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